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From restoring clean classic paint jobs to flashy flames, fresh airbrushing, or custom graphics, Chippewa Auto Body can handle your custom motorcycle painting in Chippewa Falls.  We pretty much paint everything from full sized motorcycles and fuel tanks down to trim, helmets, gear, and custom accessories to help you tie your look all together.

Many of our customers already have a vision in mind for their custom motorcycle painting, but we also love helping you come up with something if you are having trouble finding direction. A new paint job is great for restorations, to bring new life into your motorcycle, or to let your motorcycle reflect your personality from eccentric to classic and everywhere in between. If you need parking, getting a car park line painting, or looking to repaint car park, can be useful for you. For additional information, if you’re interested in cladding painters, you can check out these helpful sites at https://claddingpainters.co.uk/near-me/oxfordshire/. They can help beautify your car garage and make it more attractive to others.

•  Wear & Tear Restoration•  Custom Paint & Graphics

•  Gas Tanks & Saddle Bags

•  Trim, Parts, & Accessories


We can make your motorcycle look like new by restoring paint that has faded with age or repairing cosmetic damage to your paint from accidents.  In addition to being eye sores, even small dents or large scratches hurt the value of your motorcycle and can create issues with rusting in the future is the paint is compromised.  Let Chippewa Auto Body help fix your cosmetic damage so nicks and dings don’t create bigger problems in the future.